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Current Schedule Archives

Date     Title   Venue and other details
01 Aug 15 Event   Release of the 82nd Issue of Seagull  
15 Aug 15 Event   Release of Oyster  
End Sept 15 Event   International Coastal Clean-up  
01 Nov 15 Event   Release of 82th Issue of Seagull  
05 Nov 15 Event   Combined Study Group Seminar on Indigenisation  
15 Nov 15 Event   Remembrance Day function at the Seman's War Memorial   Bund Gardens
22 Nov 15 Event   Junior SIMA Art Exhibition-cum-Competition   Empress Garden
20 Dec 15 Event   IMF 22nd Anniversary Function  
Date     Title   Venue and other details
18 Dec 14 Event   Inauguration of the IMF Museum and Library by Mr. Lal Chellaram  
21 Dec 14 Event   IMF 21st Anniversary Lecture. Speaker - Dr. Murad Lala Everest Summiteer 2013  
25 Jan 15 Event   Wreath Laying   Seafarers Memorial
1 Feb 15 Event   Release of 80th Issue of Seagull  
Date     Title   Venue and other details
22 Dec 13 Event   IMF 20th Anniversary Function   Central Park Hotel
Dec 13 Event   Commissioning of the Museum   Deccan College
24 Nov 13 Event   Junior SIMA Exhibition   Empress Gardens
10 Nov 13 Event   Remembrance Day   Seaman’s War Memorial
09 Oct 13 Event   Combined Groups seminar   Central Park Hotel
05 Oct 13 Event   International Coastal Clean-up   All India
08 Feb 13 Event   Annual SIMA Seascapes Exhibition   Tilting Gallery, Ishanya, Pune
24 Dec 12 Event   Wreath Laying at Seafarers War memorial   Circuit House, Pune
23 Dec 12 Event   19th Anniversary of IMF   Lecture - Role of Coast Guard in National Coastal Security Chief Guest Adm Murlidharan DGCG
03 Dec 12 Event   IMF Picnic   Mayfair Hotel, Mahabaleshwar
11 Nov 12 Event   Remembrance Day - Wreath Laying at Seamens War Memorial   Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, Pune
04 Nov 12 Event   Junior SIMA - Seascapes Painting Competetion & Exhibition   Empress Gardens, Pune
24 Jun 12 Event   IMF alongwith Company of Master Mariners of India and Institute of Marine Engineers celebrated International Seafarers Day at "OASIS"   TMU (Trauma Management Unit) established in Pune to help piracy affected families.
25 Mar 12 Event   Inauguration of OSI newsletter "Lighthouse"    
17 Jan 12 Event   Wreath laying at Seafarers' Memorial Pune
20 Nov 11 Event   Junior Sima Exhibition / Competition   Empress Garden, Pune
8 Oct 11 Event   ICC11-Coastal Cleanup In Pune District   Pune District
17 Sept 11 Project   ICC11-Coastal Cleanup In India, except TN & Pune Dists.   All-India
3 Sept 11 Project   ICC11-Coastal Cleanup In Tamil Nadu Dist   Tamil Nadu District
End August 11 Project   UWT Handbook to be completed  
August to November 11 Project   Course In Global Marine Environment And The Oceans   DDSS, University Of Pune
25 Jun 11 Event   International Seafarers Day   Joint Get Together With CMMI & IME
21 Jun 11 Event   Release of CD of Documentary Film   "Rivers Of Pune – Gleaming or Glooming"
8 Jun 11 Event   World Oceans Day   Joint Programme Of Films With Max Mueller Bhavan conducted at Boat Club Pune
5 Jun 11 Event   World Environment Day   Joint Programme Of Films With Max Mueller Bhavan conducted Boat Club
25-27 Mar 11 Event   SIMA Exhibition